Marriage Now-a-Days

Continuing from the previous blog "Evolution Theory".....

As times change, societies change, lifestyles change, behaviours change, beliefs change. All these changes lead to further evolution. Somebody rightly said "Evolution is perennial". And I believe all evolution takes mankind forward. All that evolves is for the betterment of mankind. So does the policy of marriage.

When science grew and became a field of study (science was not a field of study for everybody as all couldnt understand it), more and more people started understanding Nature - as I would still call it. The word Nature is really beautiful. It describes quality of every particle in the universe. Hence science is actually a study of nature. Physics studies nature of particles and matter, Chemistry studies nature of chemicals and their reactions, Mathematics studies the nature (or behaviour) of all objects and provides a platform or representation of everything, Medicine studies the nature of human body and its reactions, Biology studies the nature of all living organisms, Psychology studies the nature of mind, Spirituality studies the nature of soul etc.. So as science became popular, people started questioning the beliefs and traditions. As the life styles changed, the meaning and necessity of certain traditions became ambiguous. Or in other sense unanswerable by science. So people started disregarding it. This proves that observation power of people in general increased. This power was earlier limited to elite class called Brahmins, who due to some reasons didnt impart that power to others (I wont deal with that).

As people gained more powers of observation and intellect, they started looking into other occupations. Society was not so restrained because the population had increased so much that the need for so many people in each community started reducing. Thus people felt insecure in pursuing family occupation and started learning other traits. Hence competition increased which made things even worse for everybody. Earlier the competition used to be restricted in one's own community. Now it has spread across all people. It is good in one sense that it provides equal opportunity for all to do whatever they are good at.

As people became more and more mingled in terms of the occupation that they pursue the boundation of caste started diminishing. Then people would have found that the way horoscopes predicted were going wrong for some of them. (This is an assumption!). Because the horoscopes didnt adapt to the change in the life styles and hence the conditional probability was not same as the actual probability of success in a marriage. So people began to look beyond arranged marriages. Thus love marriages had a renaissance.

Another possible reason for love marriages to come up is this. As people started migrating to newer places for jobs, they found that the success rates of arranged marriages diminished as their spouse couldnt adjust to the conditions there. Also the control of the parents in moulding the children and imbibing the traditional values reduced. So children were on their own and started thinking from scratch (as people had initially started in olden days). Younger generations started finding their own partners who would fit into their lifestyles. But even in this new trend I feel one thing remains the same. The couples are usually of the same intellectual group. In olden days, same intellectual group meant same caste. Now it means different.

In this new trend of love marriages, failures were high as was the case in olden days when society was being structured. After few successes, people started finding best ways of interaction in order to find the best partner. And eventually ended up choosing right partners considering, past experiences of others and their own wish. So as years progress, the number of trials with love marriages will increase and the prediction will start getting better. Only that this prediction is not through horoscope and hence will depend on individuals. It would have been nice if horoscopes could consider present lifestyles and present success/failure data of marriages to predict the perfect couple.

All said and done. What is the best way out of it? We are not going to sacrifice our lives for just creating data for the horoscope makers and the astrologers. How do we choose our right partner?

Let us all give it a thought till my next blog.....


Anonymous said…
Best understood by VG :

The whole problem arises here because the two entities that are part of a relation actually in the present scenario come from two different Vector spaces. The basis generating them are entirely different.
There might well be anothe space which accomodates them. It is only when they realize how each one can transform and accomodate themselves in this new space that things work out.

A relative measure in defined only if the two are in the same metric space. That is when one can gauge the other's mistakes flaws etc and get the whole affair to be a convergent cauchy sequence.
Rat said…
"Medicine studies nature of human body" ??
Sure ? I relate Medicine to a broader class..
Well, I know this is not the point of discussion.
But certain constraints stopped me from reading further.
Will comment later :-)
lucygribbel4051 said…
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Rat said…
these comments are very funny !
Don u think so ?

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