First anniversary

Today is my first anniversary of Blog Writing. Last year, on this date, I wrote my first blog. It was a proclamation of bringing my life at IIT into a routine. After long night outs and 'call-centre' style daily routine, I had decided that I will bring my life back to normal by working in day hours and sleeping properly at night. (This was after a series of advice and chiding from my classmates) Here is the link to my first blog.

Now comes the special story of the anniversary. I had been eagerly waiting for the anniversary for the past one week. I was planning a blog for the day. And this was what happened today. Contrary to the goals set by me in my first blog, I slept till 3.00 pm (I had gone to bed at 1.00 am yesterday night). I slept so badly that I missed my classes today (Even the class at noon), missed my breakfast and lunch, and was late for today's meeting with the faculty.

What a contrast! This shows not much has changed in a year. And it proves 'Live every moment of life as u want it at that moment'


Rat said…
haha.. that last statement is absolutely true.. Live the Goan life.. Spend whatever u earn on the day.. No planning. No resolution. Take life as it comes*

*Conditions apply


Keep blogging Kidu !
Anonymous said…
You have completed one year of blogging and started a normal life. The thing I hated most in IIT were the nightouts... (though I had very few).
Anonymous said…
hey VG, nice to see ur blog again....i had thought that u have stopped writing these blogs. i am a big fan of reading your blogs. keep sending me the link, whenver u write ur new blog....BEST OF LUCK....May you start ur day life properly, and sleep properly in makes really a lot of difference.....

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