Captivating politicians

This link here made me wonder what kind of politicians we have in our parliament. Of course the first thought would be our Prime Minister, a man of principles, policies and level head. And lot of others who talk nicely and hence come under the category of captivating politicians. But the guy described in the link, Shashi Tharoor, has indeed been a man who has caught our attention neither because he talks nicely (nicely here refers to appeasingly and all our politicians, lalu, mayavati, advani, karunanidhi fall to that category) with the prime motive of hoodwinking the public nor does he show level head and keep out of controversies like our PM.

From talking about cattle class to letting opinion about visa regulations on public domain (Twitter), he has been a person who connects to the current generation giving them what they want in their own fashion. It might not go down well with the orthodox parliamentarians and parties who consider public speaking (and that too true from your heart) as a fact of breach of code of conduct, be it of the party or the post. How can a minister say his opinion without consulting with the ministry? Well, who said it was a statement of the minister? It was just an opinion that the public should think of. And it certainly does not mean that he is against what the ministry is doing. All that he could be doing is thinking aloud.

Whatever be the controversy that follows him (is follow the right word? we follow him on twitter :-P ), he is a man to be remembered in history, at least by the educated class and I am sure he is on his way to become the External Affairs minister in the next parliament when our dear old Krishna shall retire (Will he?)

Yet another captivating politician whom the link doesn't praise is the man born with the silver spoon, yet getting his hands dirty by plucking grass roots. Yes, the man in line for the PM post, Rahul Gandhi. Whether it is an act of pretext to portray himself as a worker rising the ladder or a lesson of understanding the fundamentals and learning through the system, he is doing a wonderful thing. He is getting closer to the rural India and the masses who really vote. He is getting his resume stronger so that he can tackle the question of favoritism at any later stage of his career.

I am not sure whether it means a new Rajiv Gandhi in the making, but he seems, at least for the moment, to be a Prince learning the art of ruling the kingdom and aiming at the throne and also keeping the compatriots at ease.


Rat said…
Nicely written. The two names discussed in the article are my hopes of a bright future India. With young vibrant leaderships at the top, the rest of the ministry and the general public will get the real pulse. I sincerely hope that this happens very soon!

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