My first school

Dad and mom took me to a place called Apple Kids last week. I was super excited in the morning, seeing my new bag, water bottle, lunch box etc. I had been revising whole night about all these things that I would take to school. I got up early - well I should say earlier than usual, got ready without any fuss.

Yippeeeee.. I am going to school. That was my reaction when I said good bye to mom and accompanied dad to the parking downstairs.

On the way to school on my dad's scooter, the excitement level was slowly going down. I dont know why but I started feeling sad. The thought of being in a new place without my parents around. May be it is the strangers with whom I dont know what to talk. I know there is a play area there in school and it should be fun. Oh God! I am unable to control myself.

As we turned the corner and my school came in sight, my eyes burst and tears started rolling down. A smiley to a criley!!!

Kavitha teacher, my class teacher, who would soon become my favorite, kept telling me not to cry. But I couldnt say good bye to my dad. And there he is just turning his back and walking away without even saying good bye. May be he doesnt like to see my crying face. Or may be he knows that I would cry more if I have to say good bye.

Amidst all the melee, I forgot what all happened in class on the first day. I know I waited to see someone familiar to come and pick me up. Would it be my mom? I longed to see her, hug her, get into her lap and give her so many kisses.

It was my Prema paati who came to pick me up that day. Though I was thinking about my mom all the time, seeing paati's face somehow changed all my emotions. I just ran to paati and let her pick me up. She gave me the same joy and comfort and security feeling as my mom would have given.

Ahoy! My first day in my first school is successfully done!


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