Parents' Visit

My parents visited Delhi for a week from March 5th to 10th. They were here for a holiday. Plans were made to visit Agra and Jaipur. On 5th morning, I went to receive them at the New Delhi station. I took them to Alaknanda where my father's cousin stays. After lunch, we decided to go to Dwarka to visit an old family friend. On 6th, parents went to Agra (though the trip was supposed to be to Jaipur). They visited Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikhri, Mathura and Vrindavan. They came back at 2.00 am at night. I didnt accompany the trip as I was having classes to attend.
On 7th they had rest and came to IIT in the evening after a visiting Ayyappa temple at R.K Puram. Their Jaipur trip was again planned on 8th. But owing to bomb blasts in Varanasi, the trip got cancelled. So they spent another day resting and came to IIT in the evening after a shopping spree at SN Market. On both these days, 7th and 8th, we had SPIC MACAY events at IIT. Parents and my relatives enjoyed the programs very much. I couldnt devote much time to them as I was in the organising committee. After the event, I took them to my hostel room. Though female relatives are not allowed inside the hostel without warden's permission, I managed to get them in (bcoz the guard was very friendly with me and I assured him that we wont spend much time).
On 9th, parents visited Mayur Vihar and again another relative. On 10th morning, they left to Allahabad by train from Old Delhi. I went to see them off at the station. On the way back, I drove my relatives Maruti after a long time.


Rat said…
Parents in Delhi, and you running after Spic? Learn to outsource your work, buddy ;-)
Rat said…
da, enthelum okke ezhuthedaa pulley

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