Tea in a teapot

If I had fought
And not got caught
I would have taught
My little tot
Rather than rot
In a prison so hot.

I resolved that I ought
To find a slot
For an escape plot
When the gaurds would not
Fire a gunshot.

Help, I sought
From the General's daught
Whom I thought
Was a sexpot.

Either she forgot
Or did boycott
But I waited a lot
at the fixed spot.

Tired, I got
Ready for a bloodshot
When I bethought
That I was on a cot
And my mom had brought
Tea in a teapot.


Unknown said…
What was the inspiration behind this, VG ?
Did someone challenge you that you cannot write poetry ??
Rat said…
Whatever it is, its too much of rhyme! It it an exhaustive list of -ot/-ought s ? :D

Did you miss 'jot' and 'dot'?
I wonder what is 'daught' :-S
My Yingleesh is byad !
VG said…
Daught means daughter. I coined the word to match the rhyme. All poets do that.. ;-)

I missed a few words becoz to add all those would mean that the rhyme would be too too much...
Avinash said…
hey good one buddy its really v well written
frm where u got the inspiration
Anonymous said…
hey VG,
really gr8 one!!! from where you got the inspiration....anyhow, its amazing one....keep it up..

Mukesh Agarwal said…
good, creative ..
meri shayari kaam to ayi ..
Nince and Rhythmic.....

Are you joining the Grp of poets ...

Why didnt you find out the pots and lots for a long time ...were you n thoughts?

hehe....funny one.....gud job!!!!
pretty creative....keep it up!!!

Waiting for more innovations...

Meera said…
heyyy...did not expect a poet out of u! well..a pleasant surprise! i liked the poem. the poet in u has made it rhyme nicely without making it sound artificial... :)
Unknown said…
Hey Vangi, Your first effort is very gud...... I am waiting for the second and ofcourse the better...
RajneeshK7 said…
you imagine a lot
and that is what you wrote
i hardly ever thought
that you could this way jot
though a critic i am not
its a beginning you've got
you can improve your plot
and we expect something hot!
Ankur Gupta said…
Hey VG, Gud one!!!
I did not know that Phd. Karne waale bhi shayar ban jaata hai mujhse to laga kee sirf Ashiq hee shayar hote hai(vaise dono mein jyaada farak nahi hota log dono koo pagal kahatee hai ) :-)

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