Cycle Stunts

I am not talking about the cycle stunts that you see in your local circus. Neither am i talking about the motorcycle stunts shown by our Indian military during the republic day parade.

Those are acrobatics. The cycle stunts that I refer here are the ones that I achieved in the recent past. Though it is belittling myself, but still I say here that two fractures that I have on my body are because of my cycle stunts.

The first of them was 2 years ago. I was cycling back from the lab to my hostel at 4am. No I was not enjoying the morning air. On the contrary, I was returning after yet another night out, feeling sleepy. It had rained at night and the cycle had been washed clean in the rain.

I was moving on the desolate road. The breeze was bringing in the frigidity of early morning and the overnight rain. I dont remember clearly what happened. After negotiating a turn, I find myself shaken up. The cycle had hit the divider. I was standing but I could feel bruises on my knees and elbow. There was a pain in my left wrist, which had begun to swell.

That was the first fracture, a non-dislocated scaffoid (a small bone at the joint of thumb and wrist) fracture and my first cycle stunt.

The second one was very recent. This time it was my right leg. Trying to get away from the drizzle, I took a sharp turn quickly and my foot brushed past the footpath. Unfortunately, the fourth toe bent and got fractured. Right now, I am on full rest, though no cast is there on my foot. Of course, it is a nice excuse from abstaining from my lab.

P.S. It reminds me of yet another cycle stunt. I was learning to ride a bicycle. I parked my front tyre right between the legs of a man walking in front of me. He gave me a stiff look but surprisingly didnt say anything. I hope his vital organs were left unscathed.


Rat said…
haha.. good one :-P
i too have similar stories to narrate. will do that in my space when time permits :)
Hari said…
Probably you should quote: "Courtesy to hang-over". Kiddin yaa, hope you wont have any problems ahead.
Hari said…
The parking between legs would have been awesome. Are you driving the same bike I had??

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