05 Jun - 10PM IST - Bangalore

Leaving Bangalore international airport to Singapore by 11.05PM flight. I was planning to reach airport by 8PM considering the rush that I saw last time at the immigration desk at Delhi airport. But I managed to catch only the 7PM airport bus service which would get me to the airport 45 min later. It was sort of ok. I still had 2 hrs time prior to departure. In fact, it was good. I spent another half an hr with my fiancee at the BIAS bus stop at HAL.

Reached the airport and found the singapore airlines counter pretty much empty. Since I had checked in through the internet earlier, no hazzles here. I checked in my baggage to San Francisco, collected my boarding passes for Bangalore-Singapore and Singapore-San Francisco flights and proceeded to the immigration desk. That was the first suprise. There were just 18 counters (compared to some over 30 in Delhi) out of which 3 were operating. And in each there were just 5-6 people in queue. I still remember the 1 hr queue at the Delhi airport the first time I flew abroad.

Immigration officer was little curious in knowing why I travelled from Bangalore even though I work in Delhi. I just replied what came to my mind immediately (of course the truth). "I got engaged here last week, so flying off from here rather than Delhi". :-)

The security check was even quicker and I was at the boarding gate in just 20min from my arrival at the airport. Wow. Its cool. International travel faster than domestic.

Enough time left for the flight. So grabbed a quick snack at Pizza Hut. Interestingly there are no other options. Dont international passengers take food? May be all of them travel around midnight.

Boarding announcement coming up. Am off to the US of A.


Rat said…
boy o boy.. long long time... 'fiancee' whatz that ?!! when'z that ?!

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