A different kind of drive

For the past 7 years, I have been restrained to drive motorised vehicles. Exercise and concern for fitness were considered not my cup of tea. After all I could boast of having an "all pass filter" digestive system that would not take in more  carbs than needed. And absorption of fat was close to nil for majority of my growing years.

Getting to the age of 3 times 11, I thought of adopting a new "wahan" (vehicle). The one that I dreaded so much at the age of 11. The one that gave me 1+1 fractures at the age of 22...

A rockrider 2.0

After few years of motivation and pestering from my dear better half, I finally decided that I would ride a cycle to office. Gifted by her for this birthday.. I settled for an old one from a colleague who relocated out of the country. Who knows how many days I am going to keep my promise!! I didnt want to waste too much on a failed attempt.

First 10 days, I was excited. On days when I had to travel farther to client side, I got up earlier than usual and drove for half an hour in my locality.

Sprain in my back (not due to cycling though) halted my progress for a week. Now I am backkkkk.

Reporting after 21 days, I can claim that I am gaining confidence to go on a longer ride on some weekend with some of my cycling enthusiast friends.

Anyone listening???


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