Office Outing - Prelude

All work and no "outing" makes Jack a dull boy.

This was well known amongst all at office but still there were very few outings in our group. I had attributed that to the cost-cutting measures that our company was taking due to the so-called recession.

After a few months of hard work amidst the rumours of layoffs, there was some discussion on the urgent need for an outing to change our moods. Now the question was "who will bell the cat" for the funds. Asking our manager was an option but we decided to take a bigger leap.

Come May and our VP was in town and dropped down to our office for his customary visit. There was lot of talk about the good fortunes that are coming our way and possible expansions in some of the groups. There wasn't a better time to bell the Super Cat :-)

At the lunch table, we just put up the cause and Voila!! "Few thousand bucks" should not be an issue was the reply. We began speculation of how few those thousands would be and in the end we got a reasonable amount for us to plan for an outing which is not restrained to a movie+dinner.

Though we had intentions of an outing at the earliest, we had to refrain ourselves because of layoffs that followed. After that we were unsure of what will happen to those few thousand bucks promise.

Anyways, after a couple of months we were again in the mood for the outing after we got more clarity that funds are available. We had almost everything planned for a single day trip to Manesar (some 50kms from Delhi). It was a resort and had some games and team building activities. But this time we got a new obstacle. The outing was planned for our team which evoked harsh emotions from the rest of the guys at office. Emotions sparked off to higher levels in management and immediate approval of funds was not possible.

A round table discussion with the team sorted the matter quickly. All that we need to do was plan it in advance so that there is time for getting the advance (You know how slow everybody is when it comes to money!!!) Another nice decision came up in the round table conference. We can go for outings once in every quarter if we have funds left in our kitty.

With all those hopes we plan with full enthusiasm (from few, MKD being the leader).

What happened after that? Click here.


Rat said…
A stupid me clicked on 'click here' to know 'what happened next'. chammi poyi :(

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