An anniversary that went by unnoticed

This is my first post of 2009 (almost when it is in its going to end). Is there someone who still reads this?

The fourth anniversary of my blog went unnoticed. It was sort of a ceremony to write a post for the anniversary (First anniversary and Second Anniversary and Third Anniversary).

After all someone has rightly said "Enthusiasm of anniversary dies down after the third"

A customary update of the year that went by.

Feb 2008 to Jan 2009 flew off like a hat hit by a bullet (Is that a metaphor? Am I getting worse at blogging? Cant think of something better).

Busy with job, phd, parents visiting me and some trips here and there. Number of posts reduced to 4 in that period. You would find more posts than that at my blog but they were actually posted after Feb-09 back-dated using the post option in blogger (Did u know that you could do it?)

Cant guarantee more posts (than last year) before the next anniversary as it is coming up soon. But I will surely try my best and pester my readers with links to the blog filling their inboxes when I post. (I know nobody uses RSS link to my blog)

Till then have a nice time ....................

P.S> Fill in the blanks with whatever adverb suits for having a nice time. Btw, I fill it as SLEEPING.


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