Horoscopes - A mystery

After a long gap, I again thought of continuing my sequel to "Evolution Theory" and "Marriage Now-A-Days". Let me begin with a few comments that I got for the two blogs. Those comments indeed changed the track of the story (not the plot but the screenplay). Here is the first comment from my friend

The basic question is "where the horoscopes really that effective?". Couldn't it be that people simply had successful arranged marraige as they had so less options. women were not self sufficient. Men were in fear of the rigid rules of community so had to follow them.

If asked whether horoscopes were really effective, I personally dont have an answer. I tried to google it but couldnt find any conclusive answer. Many agree with my friend that horoscopes and predictions are fake. I also tried asking few people who believe in horoscopes. They are of the opinion that horoscopes do work if you follow it. If you try to disprove it, then it will fail. So the thoughts of my friend above seems to be correct. People were bound to it and that made it appear as a correct theory.

Hence continuing with my theory of horoscopes and astrology being created by observation and all prediction being a conditional probablility, I feel that if the conditions (on which the probability was defined) remain the same, then horoscopes and matchmaking using them, will give a better fit.

So the obvious conclusion is that "
Use the horoscope only if you want to be bound by traditions" as being in the bounds of tradition will maintain the conditions in which the experimentation (the experimentation for arriving at astrology as a science) was performed by our ancestors.

The next question that arises is "Why should we bound by traditions". The traditions were formed according to circumstances that prevailed. And hence are bound to change, evolve, with time.

Again the answer is subjective. It depends upon person to person. According to me, we should try to follow traditions, as they were formed after years of experience. It is quite possible that with the knowledge and understanding that we have, we may not be able to explain the reason for it. But they would have been correct and hence were followed.

So it is upto us to find a reason to follow each tradition. We can try to rationalise it with scienctific explanation. If we find the tradition to be valid then we follow them, knowing that it is for our good. If we dont find a valid logic, then we have two paths to choose - either still follow the tradition assuming that it will be stopped when people realise that it is wrong (Tradition is wrong means that tradition cause bad effects not that tradition doesnt cause any effect. Because even if tradition may not show us any benefit in short term, it may still have some long term benefit.) or stop following the tradition assuming that you will follow only when somebody establishes to you that it is good.

Both the paths are correct. But I prefer to follow the first one.

Coming to horoscopes and marriages based on that, I believe in traditions, and I wish to follow them till they are proved wrong. So I think horoscopes will predict, to some extent, the amount of match between partners. Now what amount of match i.e. the cutoff, is acceptable for a successful marriage is subjective. I can only say that horoscopes tell you what may be in store for you in your future. If you are aware of that you could possibly forsee a disaster and try to avoid it. (It is better to take horoscopes for disaster management. It makes you aware of the disaster much before it is apparent)

Let me conclude that horoscopes are to be believed to some extent for curiosity into future. Its accuracy is questionable in general sense. But is constrained scenario, it has sufficient accuracy. It is an additional proof that the partner selected is ideal. The primary proof of matching is compatibility in terms of nature of the persons concerned.


Gaurav Raja said…
hey VG, i agree with your theory on love little bit. You have described the theory, how an arrange marriage can be converted into a love marriage, not the actual theme of love marriage. i agree that at some point, you have taken the taste of love also in your theory. But still, it is incomplete. Ok. I ask you one thing, do you go for friendship on the basis of caste, family background etc. No, then how can you go beyond step 3. And, if you had done a friendship with a person, who is not of you caste, not having good family background, then will you suggest that we are not eligible for going beyond step 3. Do you get my point. Conclusively, i want to be answered, that if friendship is the first step to go for love, then tell me first, will you do friendship on the basis of caste etc. send me the reply.

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