Vaidya and his friends: The Rendezvous

One afternoon, Shekhar told Vaidya, "Come, let me show you my house". Vaidya attended 4th grade in the nearby school. Shekhar also studied in the same school. They used to return home in the same bus and got down at the same bus stop.

Vaidya was the only son of his parents. His father used to work in the aluminium factory in Birlanagar for the past 20 years. Birlanagar is a small township located in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Vaidya and his mother used to live at his native place in South India. Last year, his father decided to bring them to Birlanagar. As Vaidya was brought up in the south, he didnt know how to speak Hindi, which was the local language in Birlanagar. This was the reason he never talked to Shekhar, though they walked back together daily from the bus stop.

Vaidya was quick in learning hindi. Within a week, he could converse decently. So one day he started a dialogue with Shekhar. He learnt that Shekhar was also in 4th grade in the same school but in another section. Today afternoon, on the way back from school, they were discussing about the day at school. Suddenly, Shekhar invited him to his house. The question caught Vaidya by surprise. He had known Shekhar only for a few days. And now he is inviting to his house. But the innocense in him made him accept the invitation to go to Shekhar's house. "I will come now till your gate. I havent told my mom, so I cant spend time at your place", he replied.

As they neared Vaidya's house, a problem stuck Vaidya's mind. On their usual route, Shekhar's house was a few blocks after Vaidya's house. Passing that way and not getting noticed by his mother was impossible. So he suggested to make a detour. They took another lane, rounded a few blocks and reached Shekhar's house. After making note of the location, Vaidya bid good bye to his new friend, and took the road back to his own house. At that time, he knew nothing of what was in store for him at his house.

When Vaidya reached the gate of his house, he noticed that his mother was standing at the door with an angry face. She asked, "Where did you go on the way from the bus stop?" He tried to look as innocent as possible. But his mother had seen him taking the other lane. No excuse would work. So Vaidya said, "Amma, I just went to see Shekhar's house. He is the one with whom I return daily from school. He is also in 4th grade." The truth from her kid lit her face and relaxed the mood.

That was the beginning of one of the greatest friendship in his life.


Abhi said…
ok, always it looks simple and effective . [:)] like u are. And the little details which u hv included make it a lot more real than just a plain documentation.
Anonymous said…
Good one - as good as you are :-)

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