Vaidya and his friends: At the bus stop

Vaidya went to school in the school bus. Almost all the students preferred the bus as it was a cheap medium of transport. He used to board the bus at 6.45 am from a bus stop near his house. Shekhar also went the same way. So he would give Vaidya a call from the gate. His call was sort of the last moment till which Vaidya could wait. As soon as Shekhar called, Vaidya would be ready with his bag. He was so prompt that he would even leave breakfast halfway.

Bus stop was the place where the friends circle of Vaidya grew. The day after he struck friendship with Shekhar, Vaidya was introduced to another friend Raj. Raj was a good friend of Shekhar's and studied in the same class. He lived with his grand parents as he was very dear to them. His parents also lived in the same town but in a different locality.

Bus stop was the place where they daily met. Their day started with the gossip of the previous day. While waiting for the bus, they discussed about what happened in school, what they did after school, and about general happenings in the town. They would then occupy the same seat in the bus and the discussions would continue. There were fixed seats for each of them in the bus, the third row from the back of the bus. (As their's was the first bus stop, most of the seats would be free. And if somebody occupied their seat, they would just move the person out of it.) Shekhar used to occupy the window seat and Raj the aisle. Vaidya used to stand in between the seats and facing Shekhar. It was Vaidya's favourite position.

A guy in the 5th grade also boarded the bus at the same stop. His name was Saboo. Saboo was also a good friend of Shekhar. Saboo was not very good at studies, but he was very good natured. He cared about his friends very much and he soon became Shekhar's and Vaidya's godfather at school.


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