A wonderful Summer Rain

Imagine how much we crave for a rain on a hot summer day. After a sultry evening, when you are enjoying a mug of iced tea, your eyes look heavenward for those lovely dark clouds. And suddenly, your heart fills with euphoria at the sight of a dark lining at the horizon. Your anxiety rises as the clouds rise higher in the sky. The sun plays hide and seek behind the clouds. A cool breeze caresses your cheeks. You are sure of a downpour that is going to happen soon.

This was the condition that was there last sunday evening. The past few days were hot and humid. There was breeze in the night giving the feeling of an approaching rain. At least, it must have been raining somewhere around Delhi. At midnight, on sunday, we came out of our lab to go to NESCAFE. It was a junior's birthday. The smell of wet earth gave us the indication that it was drizzling. There was a strong wind. As we climbed down the stairs to the wind tunnel, we could see happy faces down there.

Standing in the wind tunnel is always a very good. The small opening in the huge main building caused a wind to flow. Even the slightest breeze around would be amplified by this particular structure. It is the best place in IIT throughout the year, except the winters.

We realised that it was in fact a storm outside, when we reached the wind tunnel. The wind was strong, and a spray of the rain was coming into the windT. How could we restrain ourselves from standing there in the spray? We stood there for a while, keeping a strong hold on the floor to avoid us being blown away in the wind. In fact, the wind was so strong that it was a little difficult to breathe. After some time, we planned to get wet in the rain. We went back to the lab to keep our purse and mobile. And then we were out in the rain. I thought about my mom, how she would have scolded me for going out in the rain. But now, there was nobody to lecture us.

We walked for 10 minutes to the NESCAFE, which is 2 minutes walk from the windT. To our surprise, we found that there were many like us, who were there fully wet and had come all the way from the hostel to celebrate the birthday. This was one of the most memorable birthday for all of us.

What was different from all my previous encounters with summer rain was that we spend another 4 hours gossipping. No one bothered to go back and change. We sat around in the windT, still wet to the skin. Let us hope that my mom doesnt read this post.....


Anonymous said…
Good that I wasnt around - am sure I would have been a spoilsport - to that 4-hour gossiping session - much like your Mom :P

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