LoVe in tHe aIr

I am surprised by what is happening to people around me. Every now and then I hear people getting engaged or married. And all these are love cum arranged marriages. People who were friends for quite some time, are now ready to tie the knot. Is this because of the season? Or is it that this phenomenon was there always? And I never noticed it.
I remember a nice malayalam movie that I had seen a few years back. The name of the movie is "Niram". It revolves around two friends, the hero and the heroine, who are very close to each other right from their childhood. The hero becomes jealous when the heroine starts dating another classmate. But he restrains himself from objecting, thinking that he is a friend and should not have any feeling of love towards her. But in the end, when the heroine realises the fact, she comments "Why couldnt you say this to me earlier". The movie actually proves that if people of opposite sex are very close friends then there is high chances of them being in love.
From the current scenario around me, I now feel that the movie is correct. There cant be friendship without love and that too if the family background (religion, caste etc) are very similar.
So that being the situation, will this season help me??????
Let us wait and watch!!
And enjoy the Love in the Air!!!


su said…
"There cant be friendship without love .... similar" - I beg to disagree. Finally, if you really are a soul who is aware of the self, the true inner self, and you are true to your own feelings, your values and your terms of life, you would look for the right soulmate and not submit to circumstances just for the sake of being engaged or getting married.

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